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News: Arsenal 2024-2025 Home Jersey Released

Article Date(s):01/18/2024

As an Arsenal 24-25 home jersey designed by Adidas, this new design scheme has once again deeply touched the hearts of fans. As for this iconic red and white jersey, it is a commitment to glorious history and a symbol of future ambitions.

Arsenal 2024-2025 Home Jersey Released

Design Inspiration and Colour:

For this season's 24-25 home jersey, the designers used Arsenal's traditional red and white as the basic colour tone skillfully applied onto the fabric. Red symbolises the team's passion and vitality, while white interprets the team's pure football spirit. A simple yet meaningful color combination that is both retro and fashionable.

Design Details:

The design of the home jersey endows it with a vitality that anticipates a new situation. The body part is dominated by bright red, with white details making it more prominent. Moreover, the iconic "Gunners" emblem and Adidas three-stripe sleeve badges contrast with the main colour through delicate embroidery, conveying respect for tradition and the challenge of the future.

Release Date and Expectations:

It is reported that this new home jersey will be officially released in summer 2024. We look forward to this jersey bringing more good stories in the new season. For the majority of Arsenal fans, the new season's new jersey is undoubtedly the best way for them to express their support for the team.